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Created: 3/28/2012
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012
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For Blog: iCool-Tek

Have you ever been on a long road trip and needed a nice cold drink? Or had your children in the backseat start bugging you for a juice box or water? You start digging around the car for your portable cooler, somewhere in the backseat taking your attention off the road?

iCar-Link has released a solution to this problem, a great new product for your Chevy or GMC center console! The iCool-Tek Console Cooler is a thermo-electric unit specifically designed for your center console. Whether you are driving on a long road trip, a quick trip to work, or out in the desert, you will always have the coolest refreshments on hand.

The cooler is a thermo-electric cooler insert for your existing console that cools down to 36degreees below ambient temperature. It has a 5 liter capacity. iCar-Link designed this with solid state technology, which means no liquids or gases that could be harmful to anyone in your vehicle or your beverages. The fans used to keep the console cool are finely tuned for low noise and low vibration. You won't even know its there.

There is no replacing your current console, their insert fits right into the existing opening. It operates on a 12 volt DC fitting perfectly into your vehicle with no splicing wires or lengthy installations. It has an easily accessible on off switch and will cut off power automatically 30 minutes after your vehicle shuts off to ensure there is no drain on your battery. Clink here to check out the new iCool-Tek Cooler today.